Refund solicitation

Hello, how are you? See how to ask a refund, clicking in the following button:


We would like to alert you that requesting a chargeback (a request to the credit operator for canceling an unrecognized purchase) without valid reason is an illegal action according to the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), that even harms reputable and honest businesses.

Because of this, when you request a chargeback instead of a refund, your credit card will lose reputation points, which will result in your online purchases with this credit card being declined much more frequently. Moreover, to request a chargeback, you need to directly contact your credit card provider or issuing bank, which is an unnecessary use of your time. Additionally, the credit will only appear on your next statement. On the other hand, a refund is immediate.

Therefore, we recommend that you request your refund through the red button above.